The KOPIT story

I moved to the UK 8 years ago and became obsessed with going to football matches. The reveal of the stadium as you walk to your seat, the thousands of fans singing questionable chants in unison, the footrace for a half-time pint – it was worlds away from the live sports atmosphere I'd experienced back home.

As someone that wasn't tied to one team, I wanted to get to as many matches as I could, but was frustrated at how difficult it was to find out what matches were on, wherever I was going to be, on specific dates.

That's when I learnt to code and (very slowly) developed Kopit. It's a totally self-funded passion project that I hope will give non-exclusive fans and fans-to-be a way to find matches wherever they go, and at the same time, get bums-on-seats for football clubs that could do with some extra support.

I hope you'll give it a go and if you have any feedback, please let me know :)